Belfast’s second Screwfix store is declared a runaway success

Screwfix is celebrating with its most recent store opening its doors at Ravenhill Business Park, which officially opened on 17th September. The second store in Belfast had a successful launch weekend with hundreds of customers eager to get their hands on a bargain.

The Belfast-Ravenhill Screwfix store is part of the company’s nationwide store expansion plan, which saw the retailer open 60 new UK stores in 2014 with a further 60 to be added in 2015. The company uses its own innovative retail model, which aims to provide its customers with outstanding service, together with value and convenience. Already 90% of the UK population is within a 20 minute drive of a Screwfix store.

Screwfix’s Belfast-Ravenhill Store Manager Eddie McGookin said: “We chose to open a new store in Belfast because it’s a growing city with a great trade presence. Many of our customers already shop with us for our convenient shopping experience and are delighted to see a second store here in Belfast, making it easier to get the products they want when they want.”

“Our celebration period, which ran from Thursday 17th September and throughout the weekend until Sunday 20th September, attracted hundreds of customers and we are looking forward to welcoming many more local people over the coming months. We have received fantastic support from the local community, who have all shown a keen interest in the store. It has been extremely exciting that we have already attracted repeat business and we are all enjoying getting to know new customers.”

Another aspect of Screwfix’s nationwide stores initiative is that the company is looking to become actively involved with local charities through its own registered charity arm The Screwfix Foundation, which supports local charities and community projects with donations to projects involving fixing, repairing or maintaining buildings. Lorna Doherty, from Women’s Aid ABCLN – a charity which offers refuge and support to women and children living with or escaping domestic violence – attended the launch event. Lorna was presented with funding for the Charity which will go towards the cost of painting the outside and front door of their training and resource centre in Ballymena and the front door of their centre in Antrim. Lorna comments: “We are so grateful to The Screwfix Foundation for donating these essential funds to the charity. We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the fundraising – it’s been a great help to us.”

Screwfix staff get directly involved in helping community projects and host charity fundraising events within the stores.

Local registered charities are welcome to apply for funding from The Screwfix Foundation and can visit Belfast-Ravenhill Screwfix branch to pick up a Screwfix Foundation Leaflet for more information. Alternatively they can download an application form from

Visit Screwfix’s Belfast-Ravenhill store at: Ravenhill Business Park, Belfast, BT6 8AW or Belfast Boucher Road, Boucher Crescent, Belfast, BT12 6HU. Monday to Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm.

The brand’s huge range of products and exceptional deals are also available online at, on Screwfix’s mobile site or over the phone on 0500 414141.