Screwfix on BBC Breakfast

Screwfix has been enjoying some time in the spotlight after the Sutton Coldfield store was
visited by the BBC Breakfast team. BBC business reporter Dominic Laurie presented live
from the store during the morning programme on May 7, with Bill and Susanna joining the
debate from the BBC Breakfast sofa. The programme included an interview with Andrew
Livingston, Chief Executive of Screwfix.

The feature looked at why some retailers, who started out as catalogue or online retailers,
are investing in store expansion – thanks to the enduring power of bricks and mortar.
As a business that began life as a catalogue in 1979, Screwfix provided a great case study
for the BBC Breakfast team of a company which recognises the value of having a physical
presence, having opened its first store just eight years ago. Screwfix has since been opening
a new store almost every week and will be celebrating the launch of its 300th store this year.
The Sutton Coldfield store is open from 7am each weekday morning, but it was an extra
early start for the store team to welcome the BBC filming crew and producer. However, they
all got their chance to be on camera and some budding TV stars soon appeared!
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