Screwfix Trade Apprentice Profiles – Holly Overfield

Holly Overfield, an electrical engineering apprentice who was a Screwfix Trade Apprentice runner-up in 2021, had a passion for design technology stemming from school. She began her apprenticeship in 2021 and is now completing her Level 5 HND qualification.

When reflecting on what led Holly to choose an apprenticeship, instead of going to university, Holly says: “After my design and technology teacher spoke to me about apprenticeships and the benefits of them, I had no doubt it was right for me. My apprenticeship has been fantastic and has allowed me to learn in a hands-on way that suited me and meant I could earn a living while also gaining qualifications…a win-win! An apprenticeship also meant I could get on-the-job experience as an electrician to see if it was the right career choice, rather than taking out a loan to study something at university that I may not enjoy when I graduated into the world of work.”

Holly’s experience as an apprentice wasn’t always easy, and she has encountered some challenges, which she tackled head on. Holly explains: “Although my apprenticeship was difficult at times, I’m a very determined person and didn’t let anything hold me back, so despite facing some testing times, it has only encouraged me to excel in my career.”

In the third year of her apprenticeship, Holly applied for Screwfix Trade Apprentice. After deciding to fill out an application in the spur of the moment, Holly was eventually named runner up in 2021, which has been a real highlight. “It was a fantastic experience,” Holly said, “during my application, I was actually involved in a car crash that significantly knocked my confidence, but this award really gave me something to focus on. Reaching the final was the confidence boost I needed, and the opportunities that have come from it since have been amazing. Seeing my photo in the local press was a personal highlight, but it also allowed me to gain exposure in my community while giving me a platform to inspire the next generation of apprentices.”

But Holly’s not finished yet, and her drive to succeed in the industry has seen her enrol on a Level 4 Higher National Diploma to further develop her skills, and progress in her career. Drawing on her own experience, Holly is also keen to hire her own apprentice one day, to give others the opportunity to enter the industry in a supportive environment.

For anyone considering an apprenticeship, Holly has the following words of advice. She says, “Firstly, I’d say just go for it, what do you have to lose? In terms of practical tips, my biggest one would be to ‘listen’. Listen carefully to every single piece of advice given, especially from those that have experience in your field. Also, carry a notepad and take as many notes as you can along the way. I’ve built up a complete ‘bible’ of advice from my apprenticeship, with tips that I likely would have forgotten without jotting them down.”

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