Tradesmen become more mobile than ever

Chippies, brickies, sparkies and plumbers are increasingly relying on tablets and smartphones to shop for their tools ‘on the go’ according to leading trade supplier, Screwfix.

With trends suggesting that tablet sales will have over taken those of desktop computers by the end of 2014, retailers to the trade must recognise the importance mobile technology has to empower customers. The insight shows that for busy tradesmen going from job to job, time is money. Screwfix customers are now placing over 300,000 orders per week via the mobile site; with over 70% of all mobile orders using Click and Collect, proving that convenience is of vital importance.

Chris Chapman, Customer Proposition Manager at Screwfix, tells us: “The traffic to via mobile tablets has rocketed by 145% compared to last year. A survey of our customers also showed us that there is a spike in tradesmen shopping in the evening, which suggests that they are using their limited leisure time to plan their next set of purchases and working round the clock.

“To help tradesmen make the most of their time, we have developed a quick, simple and ‘no nonsense’ way of shopping with us from the comfort of their own home. Our mobile site is accessible and easy-to-use, and as well as ordering whilst on the move, even if our customer‟s drop out of connection they can still browse our 20,000 products on our catalogue app.”

The Screwfix Apps are available on the App store for Apple users or on Google Play for Android users.